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Talking Baseball

Williamson County 2020: Alternating Wednesdays starting January 8
At The Wesleyan at Estrella (109 Estrella Crossing, Georgetown, TX 78628)

Travis County 2020: Alternating Mondays starting January 27
At Westminster (4100 Jackson Ave, Austin, TX 78731)

In addition to community respite development, Alzheimer’s Texas* has an Early Stage social engagement program called Talking Baseball.

The program is open to anyone who would benefit from a supportive group setting, such as those challenged by feelings of isolation, loneliness, or early-stage dementia are welcome to join. The group meets and takes a trip down memory lane, offering fond recollections that start with baseball then move on to old movies/television, news, culture, and anything else that our participants want to share.

The effects of a dementing illness like Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating to a person’s sense of self; their symptoms may lead them to become disconnected from meaningful hobbies and relationships. While people with early-stage Alzheimer’s may have difficulty with their short-term memory, their long-term memories remain intact for many years. Through guided, focused reflection on a beloved childhood pastime like baseball, people with Alzheimer’s can not only connect with a new peer group but also reinforce their own sense of identity.

Research into reminiscence therapy is very promising and indicates that the simple act of sharing memories can have outcomes like improved mood, communication, and even functional ability. The practice can involve not only conversation, but interacting with sounds, smells, and sensory experiences that trigger long dormant memories.

Persons in the early stage of Alzheimer’s or related disorder attend the program with their care partner. Call (512) 241-0420 or email [email protected] to join!

Learn more about our amazing volunteers and the program at http://www.sabrhornsby.org/category/basebalz/

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Early Stage Tele-Support Group

This 6 week support and educational group is led by Stephen Catoe, via conference call.  Topics include everything from disease basics, to coping and management, and tools for maintain independence. To set up a pre-screening, please call (512) 241-0420 or email [email protected]

Spring 2019: TBA

By Us For Us© Guides

The By Us For Us© Guides (BUFU guides) are a series of guides created by a group of talented and passionate persons with dementia and/or partners in care. The guides are designed to equip persons with dementia with the necessary tools to enhance their well-being and manage daily challenges. What makes these guides particularly useful is that they are created by persons with dementia and/or partners in care, for persons with dementia and/or partners in care. These documents were produced at the University of Waterloo by the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP), and are protected by copyright.  Electronic versions of the guides are available here.  We carry complimentary hard copies of the guides for our constituents.  To get a copy, please call (512) 241-0420.